Exectutive Producer Interview

Nicole Holliday met up with Mark Holland the executive producer behind “The House of Streams”.

Mark believes in the concept that a collaborating a group established streamers, utilising cutting edge technology, captured by a crack film crew LIVE will break something!

The show will initially broadcast the BTS (behind the scenes) first and release the series at a later date. The challenge is to strike a balance between the live show and the series itself. This back- to-front concept will produce if anything the longest trailer in history!

The project transformed from concept to reality in six months, during which meticulous planning was undertaken and the right team assembled. It’s the first of its kind; a live, interactive, unscripted show featuring streamers which hasn’t been executed this way before. The lack of preconceptions and the surprise element will add to the show’s spontaneous appeal.

For the time being it is safe to say that “The House of Streams” journey has begun and the rest remains to be seen.

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